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So it's been a week since I've relaunched The BB Cream Girl website!

So far, the feedback from all of you has been great, which makes me SUPER happy that all the stress and hassle was worth it to make you guys happy! :D

What you'll see is different/fixed

I know no one likes a slow website, and I heard you guys when you were having issues with scrolling and slow loading pages, as well as trouble signing in. All this has been resolved, and some new fixes you'll see on this site are:

  • Filter products on the side of the shop pages
  • Search is more interactive
  • Product recommendations based on your browsing
  • Easier checkout

Are you still having issues?

I got a few complaints about the website not recognizing your old email address. If that happens, please create a new account. It's very quick and easy!

Feedback please!

What do you think of the new website? Are you still having any issues? Leave your comments below!


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