302WHITE / Skin Glow Solution 2 - 100ml

The finishing step for your skin care routine. Quick-absorbing and moisturizing cream in combination with fresh gel texture. Create a...

AED 221


302WHITE / Skin Glow Solution 1 - 250ml

The first step to skin care after cleansing. Nourishing toner and serum in combination with velvety-rich texture. Tidy up theh...

AED 196


302WHITE / Skin Clear Face 2 Mix Wash Set - 1pack (3items)

<6-week intensive cleansing program> THE MAKING OF A WHOLE NEW WAY TO WASH FACE 'FACE2MIX WASH' 6-week intensive cleansing program...

AED 153


302WHITE / Skin Glow Modeling Mask - 1pack (3uses)

Resilience glow modeling mask that heals your dry and dull skin with nutrients for healthy, glowing skin. [Contents:] Gloss Essence...

AED 160


302WHITE / Ice Breaking Cream - 50ml

Alaska glacier water will give mineral moisture and Panax Ginseng Root Extract will nourish your skin as gel-type formula. This...

AED 203


302WHITE / 2 Step Nano Melting Bio Mask - 1pack (10pcs)

Dual-melting structure offers intense protection and supply of moisture, makes the skin more elastic. * Nano Melting Bio Mask Rich...

AED 215