INNISFREE / Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam - 150ml

A pore cleansing foam with Jeju volcanic clusters to attach to sebum and purify pores. How to use Apply an...

AED 62


INNISFREE / Bija Trouble Facial Foam - 150ml

The refined and foamy lather thoroughly removes pore impurities as it prevents and relieve skin trouble. A complex composed of...

AED 60


INNISFREE / Green Tea Foam Cleanser - 150ml

Refreshing and hydrating cleansing foam with Jeju green tea extract shisks away dirt and make-up leaving skin feeling clean, soft...

AED 70


INNISFREE / Apple Seed Cleansing Oil - 150ml

This cleansing oil, formulated with apple seeds oil and apple fruit extract, helps completely remove makeup while keeping the skin...

AED 99

Body & Hair

INNISFREE / Green Tea Pure Body Gel Scrub - 150ml

This body scrub, enriched Jeju green tea extract, delivers deep hydration to skin while providing exfoliation. How to use Apply...

AED 62