TOSOWOONG / Loop Face Towel - 1ea

It scrapes out thick dead skin cell or wastes effectively as a face towel that is made of natural fiber...

AED 77


TOSOWOONG / Micro Face Towel - 1ea

Face towel that is made of cutting-edge Micro fiber. It cleanses up the skin softly and deeply while washing off....

AED 77


TOSOWOONG / 3D Vibration Pore Brush Refill - 1ea

3D vibration pore brush cleanses the part you cannot cleanse by hands. Reset your skin by cleansing all the wastes...

AED 62

Body & Hair

TOSOWOONG / Help Me Foot Heel Patch - 10pcs

Feels like baby skin. convenient and clean - Individually wrapped. Easy to use - Patch type. How to use 1....

AED 50


TOSOWOONG / Propolis Honey Sleeping Pack - 50ml

A wash-off type mask pack restores skin's barrier, leaving skin hydrated and bouncy. Instend of pure water, 80% honey extract...

AED 74


TOSOWOONG / Natural Sea Sponge Finesilk Type - 1ea

Fine silk is a soft and non-irritant product among types of natural sponges and is used for facial wash, make-up...

AED 60


TOSOWOONG / Deep Pore Foam Cleansing - 100ml

Yellow dust, from city, polluted air stimulate our skin especially the face. Cleansing is not an option but mandatory for...

AED 76


TOSOWOONG / Vitalizing Essence Perfect Cover Cushion Refill - 15g

The current cushion foundations with high coverage on the market are dull and not easy to match colors. As containing...

AED 93


TOSOWOONG / Soft Touch Sun Cream - 45ml (SPF32 PA++)

Skin Hypo-allergenic sun cream that makes the skin elastic and clean as it protects the skin from harmful ingredients. How...

AED 71


TOSOWOONG / Acne Cleansing Foam - 100ml

The hypo-allergenic ingredients prevent and take care of pimples. Acne Foam Cleanser is for pimply skin. And it is certified...

AED 99


TOSOWOONG / 4D Vibration Pore Brush Refill - 1ea (Foundation Puff)

It completes natural base make-up with the fine adhesive power. When applying BB cream with 4D vibratory puff, the particles...

AED 89


TOSOWOONG / 4D Vibration Pore Brush Refill - 1ea (Cleansing Brush)

Tosowoong 4D sound wave vibratory pore brush cleans up wastes in the pore effectively to prevent widen pore, blackhead, and...

AED 89