INNISFREE / Beauty Tool Ribbon Hair Band - 1pcs

It helps fixed the hair when face washing or make-up. How to use Use to face wash & mask pack...

AED 23


INNISFREE / No Sebum Mineral Powder Mint - 5g (In Stock)

[INNISFREE] No Sebum Mineral Powder Mint - 5g

AED 47


INNISFREE / My Foundation - 30ml - C13

The personalized foundation for just the right level of moisture, coverage, and shade for your skin. Matt : Smooth velvet...

AED 156

Body & Hair

INNISFREE / Green Tea Pure Body Cleanser - 300ml (In Stock)

This body cleanser, enriched with Jeju green tea extract, softly washes the body with refined and foamy lather to help...

AED 78


INNISFREE / Apple Seed Cleansing Oil - 150ml - In Stock

This cleansing oil, formulated with apple seeds oil and apple fruit extract, helps completely remove makeup while keeping the skin...

AED 102


INNISFREE / Skin Reset Peeling Mask Step 01 + Step 02 - 1pcs (In Stock)

You can manage it unselfishly as you received in the shop. Provides rich moisture to the skin. Depending on the...

AED 20


INNISFREE / Eco Beauty Tool Shower Ball (In Stock)

[INNISFREE] Eco Beauty Tool Shower Ball

AED 16


INNISFREE / My Makeup Cleanser Makeup Stain Cleaner - 1pack (30pcs) (In Stock)

[Disinfecting wipes for makeup stain] Makeup Stain Cleaner that will help remove the makeup stains and all kinds of dirty...

AED 35