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AED 250
AED 250
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* Propolis Deep Moisture Pack This nourishing pack contains active ingredients of propolis extracted from bee hives to help revitalize your skin as it intensively delivers moisture and nutrients overnight. * Invisible Peeling Booster A gentle exfoliant which requires no rinsing, the Invisible Peeling Booster effectively removes dead skin cells and boosts the efficacy of your skincare. [


] Propolis Deep Moisture Pack - 80ml Invisible Peeling Booster - 25ml

How to use

* Propolis Deep Moisture Pack After evening basic skin care, apply appropriate amount and spread it evenly. Apply the sleeping pack and sleep. Wash it off with lukewarm water thoroughly. * Invisible Peeling Booster After cleansing skin, appropriate amount is spread evenly on the face before toner or as toner. No rinsing is required. Use in the morning and evening daily.