PURE MIND / So Fresh Cleansing Foam - 100ml


AED 14
Aloe Vera
Green Tea
Mixed Berries
Pure Honey
Red Ginseng
Shining Pearl
AED 14
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-Collagen Super hydrating hydrolyzed collagen extract makes moisturizing foam that cleans deep into skin. Maintains elastic, bouncy skin.
-Green Tea Contains Green Tea extract excellent for calming and moisturizing complexion. Softly removes makeup residue and debris when washing face. Draws out moisture to maintain hydrated complexion.
-Oatmeal Superior exfoliating and moisturizing oatmeal removes leftover makeup residue and sebum. Extra moisture and nutrition is provided to complexion dry from washing face.
-Aqua Marine Natural and moisturizing hyaluronic acid thoroughly cleanses and supplies concentrated hydration for a moisturized complexion.
-Blackhead Charcoal helps creates microfoam, has exceptional absorption abilities, and thorougly rids skin of waste and sebum to maintain an oil-free, refreshed complexion.
-Pure Honey Honey extract provides an abundance of nutrients directly to complexion. No residues will remain after washing face, leaving complexion soft and smooth.
-Red Ginseng Highly moisturizing red ginseng extract provides an abundance of nutrients to the skin. Gently removes makeup residue and impurities during cleansing, leaving skin moisturized and dewy.
-Shining Pearl Pearl extract contains mineral elements that gently remove makeup residue and impurities without irritating the skin. A glowing, radiating complexion is maintained even after cleansing the face.
-Mixed Berries Luxurious, smooth foam thoroughly removes debris from inside pores. Complexion meets with vitamin-rich Mixed Berries extract to help develop firm and lustrous skin.
-Aloe Vera This fresh celansing foam includes aloe vera extract which is superior at calming and providing moisture to the skin. Makeup residue and impurities are genlty removed during cleansing without irritating the skin.
-Tomato A moisture-filled foam with tomato extract abundant in vitamins and minerals. Washing your face with this foam cleanser will help completely remove sebum in pores and makeup residue, and will not leave your face feeling tight. It helps maintain a dewy complexion.

How to use

Take adequate amount of product, lather in hands and then softly massage into face. Wash thoroughly with warm water.


-Green Tea
-Aqua Marine
-Pure Honey
-Red Ginseng
-Shining Pearl
-Mixed Berries
-Aloe Vera