TOSOWOONG / Dr.Troubex All In One Blemish Clear Pads - 1pack (70pcs)


AED 147
AED 147
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[Deep Cleansing + Sebum Control + Dead Skin Cell Removal + Soothing] Dual cleansing pimple pad to resolve skin concerns It clears all the skin wastes and sebum after cleansing effectively and the main ingredient, centella soothes sensitive and irritated skin rapidly. AHA helps for dead skin cell removal and skin clarity care and BHA for pore care and sebum control. It is also suitable to be used for regular skin care routine and effective for blackhead and blemish care.

How to use

[Morning - Daily skin care routine] Use after wash to remove dead skin cells to take makeup well. [Noon - Makeup correction] Use after outdoor activities or for makeup correction to control excessive serum. [Night - Multi care for dead skin cell removal] After removing dead skin cells on face, use on knees, elbows, heels, etc, to make all around the skin soft and clean.