AMORE PACIFIC / Time Response Eye Reserve Cream Set - 1pack (6items)


AED 2,589
AED 2,589
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A luxurious eye cream that delivers nourishing comfort and helps improve eye's youthful appearance. * Soft and buttery formula glides smoothly onto skin and to provide comfort around the delicate eye area. * Contains shea butter with emollient features that work excellently on skin and provides moisturizing effect. * Infused with AMOREPACIFIC's exclusive Chrono-T™, Beauty Green Tea, with higher concentrations of Amino Acids and Catechins, helping prevent future signs of aging. * New Dual Infusion extraction technique consisting of a Cold Brew and Guard Infusion methods that when combined, extracts amino acids and catechin from green tea increasing the concentration of these key ingredients (EGCG) [


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How to use

Apply to eye area before creme. Recommended to use every morning and evening.