NATURE REPUBLIC / Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 90% Toner - 160ml

Contains natural Aloe Vera 90%. Mild formula free from paraben, mineral oil and artificial colors. Intensively provides a surge of...

AED 69


NATURE REPUBLIC / Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel - 300ml

Mild formula free from paraben, natural oil and artificial colors. This soothing gel with 92% organic aloe vera certified by...

AED 34


NATURE REPUBLIC / Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Peeling Foot Mask - 1pcs

The exfoliating mask for feet transforms the skin on your feet so that it is soft and smooth like a...

AED 31


NATURE REPUBLIC / Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack - 200ml

This self intensive hair care pack is enriched with a highly concentrated argan oil to help repair severely damaged hair....

AED 69


Lador / Pure Henna Shampoo - 200ml

Shampoo with henna is recommended to eliminate hair loss, prevent dandruff, improve hair and scalp Effectively reduces hair loss and...

AED 80


Lador / Tea Tree Scalp Clinic Hair Pack - 200g

Herb with natural nutrition / pH 5.5 Natural Nutrition Scalp Hair Pack / For all hair types The exclusion of...

AED 134

Body & Hair

THESAEM / Nail Wear Remover - 100ml (In Stock)

The nail polish remover removers polish without harming the nails. The ingredients of rose extract and vitamin E provide nourishment...

AED 10


A'PIEU / Heat On Hot Pack (Foot) - 1pcs

An attachable heat on hot pack for foot that conveys a gentle heat to your frozen feet. How to use...

AED 12


THESAEM / Secret Pure Steam Hair Mask

The 2-step steam hair mask with vita & protein hair treatment and warmth of salon steam care effect improves damaged...

AED 25

Body & Hair

THESAEM / Body & Soul Body Scrub - 200ml

-Love Hawaii Smooth daily foaming body scrub with a blend of natural apricot seed and grape seed. -Sweet Thai Soft...

AED 47


TONYMOLY / Panda's Dream White Hand Cream - 30g

Panda dull blackish blackish skin and makes hands wet hands. How to use After washing hands, get adequate amount and...

AED 51

Body & Hair

House of Rose OH! Baby Body Scrub

Descriptions: Oh! Baby charm of secret ☆ slippery, contains three types of scrub made of ingredients that are also contained...

AED 150


GATSBY / Oil Clear Film - 1pack (70pcs)

Micro holes on film sheet provide stronger absorption power. Unique film with advanced micro holes for powerful absorption of facial...

AED 27


HAPPY BATH / Siam Aroma Oil Body Wash - 650ml

Bodywash that keeps delicate and sensitive skin moist How to use Gently massage the external area. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm...

AED 142

Body & Hair

THESAEM / Care Plus Body Peeling Spray - 300ml

The body peeling spray absorbs impurities and removes stubborn dead skin cells with charcoal extract, for clean, smooth skin. How...

AED 60

Body & Hair

INNISFREE / Green Tea Pure Body Gel Scrub - 150ml

This body scrub, enriched Jeju green tea extract, delivers deep hydration to skin while providing exfoliation. How to use Apply...

AED 62

Body & Hair

TOSOWOONG / Perfume Almond Body Scrub Wash - 160g

It contains sweet almond peel powder, apricot seed powder and walnut peel powder that are good for the skin, clearly...

AED 161