Ciracle / Facial Hydrating Mask - 1Pack (5pcs)


AED 137
AED 137
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More Moisture! More Effective! Use after applying the Vitamin Source C20 to allow the moisturizing components to enhance the penetration of Vitamin C into the skin for a revitalized skin. Concentrate & Moisturize The natural moisturizing ingredients in the moisturizing sheet mask keeps the skin hydrated for longer. Calms sensitive skin Natural extracts help to calm sensitive skin. Excellent adhesion and stretchability Using only high-grade sheet with excellent adhesion and stretchability to help the absorption of moisture and active ingredients into the skin. Easy to use sheet mask A sheet type mask that contains moisturizing components for intense calming effects. Made with high quality sheet with excellent adhesiveness effectively allows the absorption of moisturizing ingredients deep into the skin.

How to use

1.After cleansing, remove from the pouch and place on to the face.
2.Gently tap onto the face for good adhesion.
3.After putting on the mask sheet, rest comfortably, while ensuring that the mask does not move.
4.Remove the mask after 20~40 minutes
5.Use 2~3 times a week at your comfort.