ETUDE HOUSE / My Beauty Tool Natural Konjac Face Cleansing Puff - 1pcs

The natural cleansing puff made with soft plant-based konjac. How to use 1. Soak the konjac puff with water. 2....

AED 23


ETUDE HOUSE / My Beauty Tool Oil Control Film - 1pack (50pcs)

Eliminates sebum. Makes the skin clean and free of clutter. How to use Apply one sheet of film onto skin...

AED 20


INNISFREE / Jeju Volcanic Oil Control Paper - 1pack (50pcs)

This oil blotting paper made with natural hanji gently gently absorbes excess oil om face. How to use Carefully remove...

AED 27


ETUDE HOUSE / My Beauty Tool Bubble Maker - 1pcs

The bubble maker produces abundant, dense foam according to your preference. The bubble maker provides deep cleansing without causing stress...

AED 31


INNISFREE / Beauty Tool Blackhead Dual Cleaner - 1pcs

Cleansing tool that effectively helps extract sebum with its two different shaped ends, conveniently designed to remove sebum of various...

AED 47


ETUDE HOUSE / My Beauty Tool Exfoliating Jellyfish Silicon Brush - 1pcs

For exfoliating, massage and cleansing! A silicon brush to help gently and deeply cleanse pores with a fine, thick textured...

AED 37


INNISFREE / Eco Beauty Tool Oil Control Film - 1pack (50pcs) (New)

Only the skin of excess sebum to absorb 3M oil paper How to use Press and casy on the skin,...

AED 20


THESAEM / Sebum Removing Cotton Swab - 1pack (40pcs)

Extruded cotton swabs that help to remove and remove hygienic sebum How to use Align the extruder to the desired...

AED 18


TOSOWOONG / Loop Face Towel - 1ea

It scrapes out thick dead skin cell or wastes effectively as a face towel that is made of natural fiber...

AED 77


TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL / Dinoplatz Dear. Brachiosaurus - 1pack (50pcs)

-Mullberry Compact oil Blotting paper with enclosed puff Blotting sheets are made from natural Mulberry tree extract. -Green Tea Compact...

AED 30


GATSBY / Oil Clear Film - 1pack (70pcs)

Micro holes on film sheet provide stronger absorption power. Unique film with advanced micro holes for powerful absorption of facial...

AED 27


TOSOWOONG / Micro Face Towel - 1ea

Face towel that is made of cutting-edge Micro fiber. It cleanses up the skin softly and deeply while washing off....

AED 77


A'PIEU / Bubble Bubble Maker - 1pcs

Fine and Rich Foam Maker: You can make rich and soft foam with it. This help deep and Non-irritative facial...

AED 28


TOSOWOONG / 3D Vibration Pore Brush Refill - 1ea

3D vibration pore brush cleanses the part you cannot cleanse by hands. Reset your skin by cleansing all the wastes...

AED 62


Holika Holika / Magic Tool Nail Cuticle Pusher - 1pcs

Dual-Ended Pusher for pushing and cutting nail cuticles. How to use 1. Soften the nails and cuticles with a cuticle...

AED 50


Holika Holika / Magic Tool Dual Sebum Extractor - 1pcs

The simple and effective dual type pimple extractor. How to use Gently press and pull out blackheads with the thick...

AED 25


Holika Holika / Magic Tool Bubble Maker -1pcs

Facial cleanser bubble maker helps minimize skin trouble and irritation that can result from using hands to lather when washing...

AED 17


ETUDE HOUSE / My Beauty Tool Brush Cleansing Bathtub - 1pcs

Brush Cleaning Mat which is shaped as mini bathtub for easy using of brush cleansing liquid. Suitable for a thorough...

AED 45


B-LAB / I Am Sorry Just Cleansing Pore Brush - 1pcs

Micro-sized hairs removes wastes inside pores. How to use Put cleansing foam or cleansing oil at the tip of the...

AED 52


INNISFREE / Volcanic Konjac Cleansing Sponge - 1pcs (In Stock)

Gently to help clean pores in waste. Konjac 93%, Volcanic 7% How to use 1. Soak the natural sponge into...

AED 31 AED 15


FOREST N / Makeup Retouching Booster Pad - 1pack (30pcs)

Make up retouching booster is convenient to fix make-up. It removes wastes on your skin with Micellar. Hyaluronic acid attracts...

AED 177


A'PIEU / Oil Remobong - 1pack (50pcs)

Disposable makeup remover swabs are filled with olive oil for simple and quick point makeup corrections. How to use Use...

AED 48


TIA'M / Blackhead Perfect Clean Ball - 50ml (10pcs)

A natural silk clean ball that removes deep blackheads, whiteheads and dead skin cells and retains a smooth and clear...

AED 94


THESAEM / Derma Plan Peeling Toner Pad - 1pack (70pcs)

The low irritant, soft peeling toner pad gently wipes off flaky dead skin cells and remaining impurities from skin and...

AED 150


Klairs / Gentle Black Cleansing Puff - 1pcs

A cleansing puff made that will gently remove any make-up residues and impurities with its uniquely soft texture. How to...

AED 19