RiRe_Sample / All Kill DIY Black Mask Pack Sample - 1pcs

1. Helps to remove oil and dirt hidden in pores. 2. Actives metabolism of cutin, let your skin smooth and...



RiRe / Premium Goat Milk Mask Pack - 1pcs

Goat milk extract contained makes pure and elastic skin and helps to moisturize skin. How to use 1. Wash your...



RiRe / Luxe Dual Stick - 6g

Multi dual stick to be used as eye shadow, blush, foundation, highlighter, etc. How to use Apply it to the...

AED 60


RiRe / Lucent White Tone Up Cream - 40ml

The instant brightening effect of the tone-up cream will make your skin look clearer and brighter immediately. How to use...

AED 52


RiRe / All Kill Brush Cleanser - 8g

Charcoal powder contained in it helps eliminate sebum and wastes remaining in your pores. Rice extract, black bean extract, and...

AED 62


RiRe / All Kill Blackhead Zero Toner - 250ml

The toner that controls black heads and sebum inside your pores and also tightens your pores that are widened and...

AED 52


RiRe / All Kill Blackhead Deep Cleanser - 40ml

A cleansing foam that cleans pores and removes blackheads with fine foam to make clear and clean skin. How to...

AED 29


RiRe / Silky & Light Sun Milk - 50ml (SPF50+ PA+++)

Fresh sun screen blocking skin stimulating UV rays effectively and protecting skin from external harmful substances to make healthy and...

AED 59


RiRe / Real Nature Mask Pack - 1pcs No.Pearl

Pearl extract contained makes pure and elastic skin and helps to moisturize skin. How to use 1. Wash Your face....



RiRe / Premium White Pure Goat Milk Cream - 50ml

Containing 47% of Goat Milk fresh from goats raised in free ranches Goat Milk Cream is a premium cream rejuvenating...

AED 96


RiRe / Tic Toc Eyebrow Cushion - 2.5g

Use the cushion tip to draw your eyebrows easily and quickly! Eyebrow cushion that contains tanning ingredients and maintains the...

AED 44


RiRe / Pigment - 2.5g

Add instant color sophistication and light-catching shimmer to any makeup look by layering RiRe Pigment on top of contrasting eye...

AED 27


RiRe / Luxe Liquid Shadow - 5g

Creates glitter gorgeous look with vivid color. How to use Apply a moderate amount to eyes with the tip gently....

AED 37


RiRe / Luxe Gel Eyeliner - 0.5g

This is a new concept eyeliner. It has very high resistance to water or sweat. How to use Starting from...

AED 32


RiRe / Luxe Full Cover Concealer - 1.5g

A concealer that covers skin blemishes perfectly by covering them thinly and lightly. How to use Apply an appropriate amount...

AED 24


RiRe / Bubble Bubble Lip Mask - 12ml

Hydrates dry lips, and removes dead skin cells leaving your lips soft and smooth. How to use 1. Apply an...

AED 47