DEARPACKER / Black Tea & Black Rose Mask - 50ml

This product allows the skin to be moisturised and deeply cleanses the pores. It also improves wrinkles and calms down...

AED 297


DEARPACKER / Smart Solution Mask - 1pcs

Soft, less irritation and excellent adhesion to skin 'very soft Second Skin sheet' Emergency & intensive skin care prescribed for...

AED 16


DEARPACKER / Shot Mask - 1pcs

-Hydrating Energy Contains hyaluronic acid and urea. It replenishes the skin with moisture and gives it radiant skin. Mask Sheet...

AED 31


DEARPACKER / Moisture Mascream - 100ml

It can be used both as a sleeping pack or a day cream. It is recommended for those with stretched...

AED 195


DEARPACKER / Honey Mask - 1pcs

Combination of gentle flower and honey. Highly concentrated ampoule without stickiness, moisturizing film like jelly. -Rose (Moisturizing) -Snow Lotus (Anti-Wrinkle)...

AED 23