DERMATORY / Hypoallergenic Moisturizing Cream Pad - 1pack (60pcs)


AED 160
AED 160
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A soothing moisturizing , sterilized banding pad that is enriched with non-irritation moisturizing cream essence, providung an ultra-skin fit on any facial contour for fast-acting, cinvenient at-home care for sensitive, dry skin.

How to use

1. Open the cover an remove one pad using the accompanying tongs.
2. Place the mask pack over dry areas in urgent need of hydtating care.
3. Remove the pack after 5-10 minutes and gently wipe along the texture of the skin before patting the remaining contents to aid absorption.
4. Following use, be sure to properly reseal the contents to prevent the pads from drying out. Tip. The stretchiness and superior derma band of the pad promotes an enhanced skin fit having gantly pressed it along the contours of the face.