Dr.Young / UV Cut Ultra Light Sun Cream - 50ml (SPF50+ PA++)

UV Cut & Ultra Light Sun cream provides ultraviolet protection with light texture and moisture. Green Tea and White Tea...

AED 286


Dr.Young / Ultra Moist Solution Cream - 50ml

Ultimate solution for hydration. Total solution cream for skin radiance it provides nutrition and water without irritation, preventing skin dryness....

AED 348


Dr.Young / Sprinkling Mist Toner - 130ml

Sprinkling mist toner quickly replenishes skin moisture and restores skin balance. A refesh-ing spray for thirsty skin. How to use...

AED 232


Dr.Young / Sprinkling Gel Cream - 50ml

It provides moisture to the skin with its strong water holding effects, and keeps your skin soft, supple and elastic....

AED 330


Dr.Young / Pure White Cream - 50ml

Tone up cream with wrinkle-care & immediate whitening effects for daytime. How to use Apply over face with light pressing...

AED 304


Dr.Young / Pore Controlling Toner - 130ml

Pore control toner : Biobenefity takes care of pores, Phyto-astringent (Witch Hazel, Calendula, Ivy extracts) and tea tree oil control...

AED 187


Dr.Young / Moist Solution Emulsion - 50ml

Moist solution emulsion pro-vides moisture and freshness to skin, contains hyaluronic acid and phyto-oilgo. How to use Until absorbed, apply...

AED 250


Dr.Young / Eye Gel - 20ml

Eye gel takes care of eye circles and wrink-les adenosine, regu-age, oat protein. How to use Apply sufficient amount on...

AED 339


Dr.Young / Deep Clearing Clay Mask - 65g

Pore Clean-up Mask to remove excessive sebum and wastes in the pores. How to use On dry face after cleansing,...

AED 232


Dr.Young / CentellaSCA Cream - 50ml

Centella Asiatica and green tea extracts strengthen skin. How to use Apply evenly over face as last step of basic...

AED 295


Dr.Young / Bamboo Blooming Booster - 50ml

Bamboo sap is based to provide moisture to dry skin and Japanese cypress sap with plum extract takes care of...

AED 411


Dr.Young / Aquaholic Sleeping Mask - 50ml

Aquaholic Sleeping Mask has an intensive moisturizing effect with Bamboo Sap, Hyaluronic Acid, Rose Water, and Lavender Extract and enhances...

AED 205


Dr.Young / AC Out Spot Toner - 120ml

Ac out spot toner contains green and white tea that protect skin : 5 herbs that prevent spread of irritated...

AED 223


Dr.Young / AC Out Spot Stop Serum - 15ml

This irritated skin soothing solution spot serum sontains green tea and white tea extracts that prevent skin samage : 5...

AED 232