ELMOLU / White Silk Up Essence - 50ml

Clear and refreshing whitening certification! Massage effect of rich oxygen bubbles will help to make the skin dry and dull....

AED 255


ELMOLU / Raindrop Gel Mist - 100ml

Unlike general mist that water is sprayed after spraying mist, gel type texture is sprayed evenly on skin, providing cool...

AED 154


ELMOLU / Radiant Shaking Modeling Pack - 1pack (4items)

Provides deep and deep nourishment to tired skin, healthy and elastic skin care. It regains the healthiness of the skin...

AED 340


ELMOLU / Golden Age Lifting Pack - 30ml

It tightens the pores and helps maintain skin elasticity. Strongly corrects the elasticity of the skin at the moment of...

AED 294