RiRe / Luxe Liquid Shadow - 5g

Creates glitter gorgeous look with vivid color. How to use Apply a moderate amount to eyes with the tip gently....

AED 37


RiRe / Luxe Dual Stick - 6g

Multi dual stick to be used as eye shadow, blush, foundation, highlighter, etc. How to use Apply it to the...

AED 60


RiRe / Tic Toc Eyebrow Cushion - 2.5g

Use the cushion tip to draw your eyebrows easily and quickly! Eyebrow cushion that contains tanning ingredients and maintains the...

AED 44


RiRe / Pigment - 2.5g

Add instant color sophistication and light-catching shimmer to any makeup look by layering RiRe Pigment on top of contrasting eye...

AED 27


RiRe / Luxe Gel Eyeliner - 0.5g

This is a new concept eyeliner. It has very high resistance to water or sweat. How to use Starting from...

AED 32


RiRe / Luxe Slim Eyebrow - 1pcs

Draw elaborate and delicate eyebrows with natural look by each strand with 1.5mm of thin brush. Can draw clear, natural...

AED 29


RiRe / Luxe Long & Curl Mascara - 8g

Eyelashes with Clear Long Lash & Wonderful Curling Making long and rich eyelashes and big eyes with natural curling, Luxe...

AED 53