SEXY FORMULA / Sketch Your Brow - 1.6g

1. Soft texture Formula improved to be softer and easier to control with brush. 2. Waterproof and long lastiong brow...

AED 188


Hope Girl / Natural Style Eyebrow Kit - 1pcs

The cake type eyebrow performs with fost natural color with urban look. How to use Use the screw brush to...

AED 179


SEXY FORMULA / Get Brows - 0.3g

1. Flat eyebrow pencil that reduce the irritation for sensitive skin. 2. Make it easy to express angled eyebrows and...

AED 174


SEXY FORMULA / Change Brow Color - 5.5ml

1. Soft Texture that makes your brow very natural and soft look 2. Perfect payoff, makes your eye brow naturally...

AED 159


VDIVOV / Mega Brow Pact - 5.5g

Two-color formulation with excellent adhesion for everyone! Powder-type brow pact for easy use by using alone or mixed with other...

AED 156


Shionle / Sewing Tint Eyebrow - 2.5g

How to use Options: -01 Tint Blonde -02 Tint Brown

AED 155