VDL / Expert Skinny Brow Pencil - 0.05g

An auto eyebrow pencil series comes with 4 colors, allows you get stunning yet natural brows in place all day....

AED 134


VDL / Expert Eyebrow Book - 8g

A Eyebrow palette book for advanced eyebrow makeup. Five essential shades and texture that creates complete eyebrow makeup what you...

AED 268


VDIVOV / Mega Brow Tinted Pen Duo - 6.5g (Tint Pen 2.5g + Brow Mascara 4g)

ALL-IN-ONE FOR EYEBROW, COLORING AND WATER-PROOF! Mega proof tinted dual brow for clearer and bold look thanks to powerful ink!...

AED 125


VDIVOV / Mega Brow Tinted Pen Comb - 2g

MEGA-PROOF COMBO BROW TO EXPRESS EYEBROW REAL By getting colored on every piece of eyebrow with powerful ink! How to...

AED 102


VDIVOV / Mega Brow Pencil Wood - 1.2g

Sketch-type brow pencil to complete natural-looking eyebrow while not creating chunks and getting softly applied. How to use Draw the...

AED 47


VDIVOV / Mega Brow Pencil Auto - 0.35g

Retractable brow pencil with unique hexagonal cut tip to draw hair-like strokes for defined eyebrow How to use Set up...

AED 62


VDIVOV / Mega Brow Pact - 5.5g

Two-color formulation with excellent adhesion for everyone! Powder-type brow pact for easy use by using alone or mixed with other...

AED 156


URBAN DOLLKISS / Urban City Brow Gel Tint - 5ml

Creates a natural looking eyebrows. Vividly maintained color with a single touch reduces your makeup time. DHA creates a temporary...

AED 71


TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL / Glam Rock Brow Box - 1pcs

All-in-one brow contouring kit to stay brow-perfect every moment! How to use 1. Hold your desired eyebrow shape with a...

AED 209


TONYMOLY / Lovely Eyebrow Pencil

How to use Options: -01 Black -02 Gray -03 Gray Brown -04 Brown -05 Black Brown -06 Latte Brown

AED 17


TONYMOLY / Easy Touch Auto Eyebrow - 0.4g (New)

Full, feathery brows are only one stroke away with our favorite Easy Touch Auto Eyebrow! Designed so that even the...

AED 35


TONYMOLY / 7DAYS Tatoo Eye Brow - 0.8ml No.02 Dark Brown

Self Tattoo Eyebrow that lasts 3-7 days once you conveniently draw your eyebrows after night face-washing. This item is dyed...

AED 55


THESAEM / Saemmul Artlook Eyebrow - 0.2g

A long lasting eyebrow pencil that creates natural colors and goes on with a powdery and soft touch. Delicate eyebrow...

AED 18


Shionle / Sewing Tint Eyebrow - 2.5g

How to use Options: -01 Tint Blonde -02 Tint Brown

AED 155


SEXY FORMULA / Sketch Your Brow - 1.6g

1. Soft texture Formula improved to be softer and easier to control with brush. 2. Waterproof and long lastiong brow...

AED 188


SEXY FORMULA / Get Brows - 0.3g

1. Flat eyebrow pencil that reduce the irritation for sensitive skin. 2. Make it easy to express angled eyebrows and...

AED 174


SEXY FORMULA / Change Brow Color - 5.5ml

1. Soft Texture that makes your brow very natural and soft look 2. Perfect payoff, makes your eye brow naturally...

AED 159


RiRe / Tic Toc Eyebrow Cushion - 2.5g

Use the cushion tip to draw your eyebrows easily and quickly! Eyebrow cushion that contains tanning ingredients and maintains the...

AED 44


RiRe / Luxe Slim Eyebrow - 1pcs

Draw elaborate and delicate eyebrows with natural look by each strand with 1.5mm of thin brush. Can draw clear, natural...

AED 29


PERIPERA / Speedy Skinny Brow - 0.05g

Ultra slim brow pencil that creates natural, precise brow. How to use Outline the eyebrow shape first, and fill in...

AED 73


PERIPERA / Speedy Eyebrow Wood Pencil - 1.8g

Smooth and Creamy for instantly defined, natural-looking brows. The infusion of elastomer powder and silicone elastomeric particles commonly used in...

AED 22


PERIPERA / Speedy Eyebrow Auto Pencil - 0.14g

Soft and Powdery for instantly defined, natural-looking brows. The infusion of elastomer powder and silicone elastomeric particles commonly used in...

AED 29


NATURE REPUBLIC / By Flower Wood Eyebrow - 1.6g

provides a natural brow look to frame your face. It has a soft powder like consistency that applies evenly without...

AED 23


Mamonde / Two Step Perfect Brow Powder - 0.73g

Multi-functional and Shaping and Volume at the same time. Soft creamy texture and buildable application for a natural yet defined...

AED 78


Mamonde / Two Step Perfect Brow Mascara - 1.33g

Multi-functional and Shaping and coloring at the same time. Micro powder and buildable application for a natural yet defined look....

AED 78