CLIO / Kill Brow Color Brow Lacquer - 4.5g


AED 87
01 Natural Brown
02 Light Brown
03 Peanut Brown
04 Reddish Brown
05 Pink Brown
06 Blondie Brown
AED 87
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An eyebrow mascara that leaves vivid coloring after just one application without clumping. The powerful waterproof formula provides strong resistance against water, sweat and oil, while quickly fixing to the brow to ensure long-lasting coloring that doesn't fade. The dense, triangular pyramid-shaped bristles of the brush also promote even coloring that doesn't clump.

How to use

Sweep the brush flat against the grain of the entire eyebrow for an even coating. After using the brush edge to complete coating along the inner brow and brow ends, lightly sweep along the grain of the entire eyebrow once more to complete application.


-01 Natural Brown
-02 Light Brown
-03 Peanut Brown
-04 Reddish Brown
-05 Pink Brown
-06 Blondie Brown