IOPE / Eyebrow Auto Pencil EX - 1pack (0.25g+Refill)


AED 134
01 Khaki Gray
02 Khaki Brown
AED 134
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Auto eyebrow pencil in a green base color for natural looking eyebrows. * Chic colors that look good on anyone The green base color that looks good on any hair or skin color perfects the look of chic, natural makeup. * An oblique pencil that can be used for various different looks The wide oval shaped pencil makes it easy to create various eyebrow shapes that fit your face. * Gentler eye makeup that contains vitamin E, a protective component for the skin around the eyes. Contains vitamin E to protect the weaker skin around the eyes

How to use

1. Before using the product, take out the sharpener below the gel liner to adjust the thickness of the product.
2. Store the brush pen so that it points below and wipe it on a tissue after every use to keep it sanitary while maintaining its dark color.


-01 Khaki Gray
-02 Khaki Brown