VDIVOV / Mega Brow Pact - 5.5g

Two-color formulation with excellent adhesion for everyone! Powder-type brow pact for easy use by using alone or mixed with other...

AED 156


VDIVOV / Mega Brow Tinted Pen Duo - 6.5g (Tint Pen 2.5g + Brow Mascara 4g)

ALL-IN-ONE FOR EYEBROW, COLORING AND WATER-PROOF! Mega proof tinted dual brow for clearer and bold look thanks to powerful ink!...

AED 125


VDIVOV / Mega Brow Tinted Pen Comb - 2g

MEGA-PROOF COMBO BROW TO EXPRESS EYEBROW REAL By getting colored on every piece of eyebrow with powerful ink! How to...

AED 102


VDIVOV / Mega Brow Pencil Auto - 0.35g

Retractable brow pencil with unique hexagonal cut tip to draw hair-like strokes for defined eyebrow How to use Set up...

AED 62


VDIVOV / Mega Brow Pencil Wood - 1.2g

Sketch-type brow pencil to complete natural-looking eyebrow while not creating chunks and getting softly applied. How to use Draw the...

AED 47