FARM STAY / Visible Difference Toner - 350ml


AED 42
Milk White
Aloe Fresh
Pomegranate Moisture
Snail Moisture
AED 42
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-Milk White With milk protein concentrate, White Toner adds elasticity and gloss to the skin. It helps skin to keep moisture with aloe, green tea, rosemary, gold and camomile extracts and presents beauty.
-Aloe Fresh Containing the extract of aloe vera, Aloe Visible Difference Fresh Toner is effective in keeping skin moisturized and skin soothing, and gives elascity to rough skin and skin exposed to ultraviolet light.
-Snail Moisture Containing snail mucus filterates's mucin, allantoin, and elastin, Snail Visible Difference Moisture Toner helps skin to stay moisturized, protects skin from external environment, and keeps skin clear and clean.
-Pomegranate Moisture Containing natural estrogen ingredient and pomegrante extract with rich mineral ingredient, Moisture Toner makes skin clear and keeps moisturized for a long time.

How to use

Using cotton or hand, gently spread the product and massage for absorption.


-Milk White
-Aloe Fresh
-Snail Moisture
-Pomegranate Moisture