G9SKIN / Color Clay Sheet - 1pack (5pcs)


AED 223
Calming Green
Tension Red
AED 223
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This mask can offer dead skin cell care and tight skin pores while could help increase skin elasticity.
-Calming Green – Pore care Soothing Expanded pores blackheads / Dead skin cell care out! / Cooling effect / Skin soothing 9kinds of GREEN ingredients for skin soothing and moisturizing effect
-Tension Red – Firm care smooth skin Skin elasticity / Smooth skin / Sebum control / Skin waste & various skin trouble out! 9kinds of RED ingredients for skin elasticity and nourishing effect

How to use

1. Remove the transparent film and apply the mask. Then remove the white film.
2. Rest for 40 minutes after applying both parts.
3. Softly remove the mask after 40 minutes when it's dry.
4. Gently cleanse the face to remove the clay remains.


-Calming Green
-Tension Red