Gentlecode / Manner Kit - 1pack (4items+Pouch)


AED 210
AED 210
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Men's 4 must-have items to be charming anytime, anywhere! Essential 4-variant item for refined, neat men from head to toe.
-Fresh & Cool Shampoo Refreshing shampoo with cooling effects cleanses impurities accumulated on the scalp.
-Fresh & Moist Body Wash Refreshing body wash cleanses while leaving an irresistible body scent.
-Just one Moisturizer Refreshing and hydrating all-in-one lotion combines toner, lotion, and essence.
-All day Manner Spray (Gentleman) Body spray with sophisticated perfume minimizes unpleasant odors. Scent: A combination of musk, citrus, and green leaf adds a subtle charm to gentlemen. [


] Fresh & Cool Shampoo - 60ml Fresh & Moist Body Wash - 60ml Just one Moisturizer - 100ml All day Manner Spray (Gentleman) - 80ml * Gift: Pouch - 1pcs

How to use

-Fresh & Cool Shampoo Dispense a sufficient amount on wet hair and gently massage into scalp and hair. Rinse thoroughly with water.
-Fresh & Moist Body Wash Dispense onto a shower sponge or towel, lather, and massage all over. Rinse thoroughly with water.
-Just one Moisturizer Dispense an appropriate amount and gently spread on skin.
-All day Manner Spray (Gentleman) Spray on the body, except the face, from a distance of 10-20cm.