HERA / Aquabolic Essential Water - 150ml

The sleek black palette includes a large mirror and Dual Ended Eye Shadow / Eye Liner Brush for flawless application,...

AED 541


HERA / UV Mist Cushion Ultra Moisture - 1Pack (15g+Refill) (SPF34 PA++)

SIGNIA wakes the skin out of deep sleep with enhanced vital power.Intensive anti aging effect with nourishing energy that is...

AED 419


HERA / UV Mist Cushion Nude - 1Pack (15g+Refill) (SPF34 PA++)

An eye shadow with a soft, cotton like texture and on trend color.SHADOW HOLIC 4D gives radiant, pearlescent glow and...

AED 394


HERA / Shadow Holic 4D - 7.2g

A glossy finish texture with high gloss.Pigment paste technology makes color more vivid.Contains antioxidant vitamins for long lasting color clarity.Oily...

AED 377


HERA / Shadow Duo - 2.4g

A moisturizing lip gloss that gives the lips crystal clear gloss and rich color.Glossy texture adds exquisite gloss and moisture...

AED 251


HERA / Rouge Holic Matte - 3g

A luxury lipstick that adds shine to SEOULISTA's special moments with the perfect combination of its elegant design, rich colors...

AED 310