Holika Holika / Pure Essence Mask Sheet - 1pcs

- Acai Berry - Nutritious + Vitality - Avocado - Nutritious + Lifting - Cucumber - Moisturizing - Damask Rose...



Holika Holika / Puri Pore Pink Powder Cushion (Pure Pink Beige) - 15g

Pink Powder Cushion makes skin look flawless and silky with its tone up effects and powdery finish. How to use...

AED 96


Holika Holika / Moisture Sun Gel - 50ml (SPF50+ PA++++)

A refreshing sun gel of moisture essence type that finishes moisture without stickiness. How to use Last step of skin...

AED 73


Holika Holika / Aloe 99 Soothing Gel - 55ml

99 % fermented aloe vera leaf juice is contained. Fermented contents maximize the effect of activating components like aloin. So...

AED 19


Holika Holika / Melty Jelly Blusher (Sweet Peko Edition) - 4g No.03

How to use: Apply to the skin with brush or fingers within cheek area.

AED 122


Holika Holika / Water Drop Tint Bomb (Sweet Peko Edition) - 2.5g

How to use: * For gradient lips Run the color along inner rim of your lips on top and bottom....

AED 99


Holika Holika / Pro Beauty Enamel Volip Tint - 4.5g

Complete voluptous lips with an ultimate enamel effect Innovative enamel shine Exclusive glowing effect formulated with highly reflective oil formula...

AED 82


Holika Holika / Holi Pop Blur Pact - 10.5g (SPF30 PA+++)

It is neatly cover without turning dark powder to make a smooth skin tight Fact. How to use: Put an...

AED 57


Holika Holika / Pig Nose Clear Black Head 3 Step Kit (Strong) - 1pcs

A 3-tier nose puck with a stronger pores of stronger adsorption power. It is a mask that removes sebum and...

AED 20

Body & Hair

Holika Holika / Peko Hand Cream (Sweet Peko Edition) - 30ml

How to use: Apply adequate amount generously to clean hand. Options: - Mango Citrus - Grapefruit - Peach

AED 43


Holika Holika / Hard Cover Lighting Tension Pact - 14g (SPF50+ PA+++)

Hard Cover Lighting Tension Pact makes skin look flawless and radiant texture with its moisturizing effects and dewy glow finish....

AED 167


Holika Holika / Holi Pop Water Tint - 9ml

Watery lip tint. Water based lip tint, it will make your lips feel cool and refresh. How to use: Apply...

AED 32


Holika Holika / Daily Fresh Cleansing Cream - 430ml

The cleansing cream containing fermented green tea extract makes oily skin fresh and soft. The cleansing cream containing fermented olive...

AED 74


Holika Holika / Spot Band V Zone Patch - 1pcs

The hydrogel patch improves the chin line and wrinkles along the neck and improves dull skin tone. How to use:...

AED 33


Holika Holika / Spot Band Smile Zone Patch - 1pcs

The hydrogel patch brightens skin tone around the mouth and smile lines and provides elasticity to wrinkled skin. How to...

AED 33


Holika Holika / Face Conditioner Cushionmatic Primer - 35ml

The magnetic primer for cushion provides an optimal skin condition for skin to have good makeup. How to use: Before...

AED 79