Holika Holika / Spot Band V Zone PAtch - 1pcs

#Acai Berry - Nutritious + Vitality - Avocado - Nutritious + Lifting - Cucumber - Moisturizing - Damask Rose -...

AED 31


Holika Holika / Face Conditioner Cushionmatic Primer - 35ml

The cleansing foam containing green tea extract makes oily skin fresh and soft.How to use Dispense an appropriate amount onto...

AED 75


Holika Holika / Dual Pencil Mowers

The dual concealer makes skin look flawless by covering various blemishes on the face with two types of concealer.How to...

AED 12


Holika Holika / Aloe 99% Soothing Gel - 250ml

A nutrient enriched makeup base that corrects skin tone and creates a fine complexion for radiant, youthful skin.Serum in Emulsion...

AED 70


Holika Holika / Pro Beauty Foxy Eyeliner - 0.5g

[Holika Holika] Pig-nose Clear Black Head Peeling Massage Gel

AED 62


Holika Holika / Magic Pole Eyeliner 2X - 1g

Like a real tatoo! More attractive mini lettering tatoo with much realism! How to use Remove oil from the area...

AED 78