KikuMasamune / Japanese Sake Skin Care Face Mask High Moisturizing 7 Sheets


AED 50
AED 50
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Keeps your skin moisturized for 7 days with this 1 pack♪
Japanese sake regulates your skin condition by replenishing moisture and amino acids with a high moisturizing effect.
●The fluffy, soft sheet gently adheres to your skin♪
●Sends plenty of beauty essence deep down, leaving your skin well-hydrated.
●The abundant amount of Japanese sake (Fermented Rice Filtrate) and 8 kinds of amino acids keep the skin hydrated, and makes the skin feel plumped and smooth.
●Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate (ingredient for resilience and glow) maintains your skin, keeping your skin healthy and radiant.
●Has a slight sweet scent of Japanese sake.
●pH balanced. Free of coloring and mineral oil.


How to Use:

(1) is taken out from the bag the mask one by one, will spread.
(2) placed from in aThe BB Cream Girlkiccordance with the position of the eyes and mouth to the entire face, and then adjusted so as to be in close contact to the face without putting the air.
(3) the eyes part You can also use a double under the eyes, it can also be used to cover the top of the eyelid.
(4) take the mask from the place as it is about 10 to 15 minutes, please let me rub the remaining beauty liquid on top of the skin in the palm of your hand.