JMsolution / Water Luminous Silky Cocoon Mask Black - 1pack (10pcs)


AED 140
AED 140
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Synergy effect from deep hydrating essence and soft sheet for a plump-looking complexion. Transparent hydrating essence mask with nourishing coating barrier holds moisture tight. * Nourishing hydra coating barrier Cocoon extract that is full of nourishment makes coating barrier for a clear and plump-looking complexion. * Soft touch sheet Best sheet for enriched watery essence holds moisture and provides nourishment effectively to your skin. * Clear moisture effect Tripe hyaluronic acids and clear moisture effect make hydrating layer for a water luminous skin.

How to use

After washing, prepare skin with toner. Apply sheet mask evenly on your face. Remove the mask sheet after 10-20 minutes faster and gently pat the remaining essence.