LINDSAY / All in One Modeling Mask - 26g


AED 27
Brightening Pearl
Energizing Gold
Ice Hyaluronic
Moisture Spirulina
Purifying Charcoal
AED 27
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It is premium modeling mask contains high class diatomite come from U.S.A. It contains rich alginate from sea mustard and kelp. It removes wastes and dead skin cells and helps moisture and nutrients to be absorbed into skin efficiently. It contains natural ingredients majoly, high moisturizing with low irritation, improve skin fundamentally. 1) Easy and convenient to use. It contains spatula and water line is maked for suitable mixing. 2) It can be used at any time and any place just with water. It is pouch type, easy to carry.
-Brightening Pearl Basic effects of modeling mask, moisture, soothing, pore care, thus by additing pearl powder to Brightening pearl All-in One Modeling Mask helps to cultivate skin nutrition, brighten and clear skin.
-Ice Hyaluronic Acid By including Hyaluronic Acid, Pepemint Powder, it have excellent on moisture and cooling effects for skin soothing. It can helps to cultivate vivid skin care.
-Purifying Charcoal By additing Charcoal powder to modeling mask, it has intensive effects on pore & sebum care thanks to charcoal's feature adsorptive skin waste. So it can help to adjust oil balace of the facial skin.
-Moisture Spirulina Modeling mask contains spirulina, have various skin nutrition factors, it can help to cultivate active skin by moisture, pore care, skin soothing, skin nutrition effects.
-Energizing Gold By additing Gold powder to Modeling Mask, enhancing moisture effect and power of skin nutrition, and also tiny gold particle will remains on the face will make vivid skin.

How to use

1. Shake pouch and let the powder fall to the bottom of the pouch.
2. Open the pouch along the cutting line and put water up to the line marked at the pouch.
3. Mix properly and apply on face evenly. (cheek -> chin -> forehead -> nose)
4. Take off about 15~20 minutes later.
5. Apply toner and skin care cosmetics following.


-Brightening Pearl
-Ice Hyaluronic
-Purifying Charcoal
-Moisture Spirulina
-Energizing Gold