THESAEM / Saemmul Longwear Multi Lip Pencil - 0.25g

Multipurpose multi-lip pencil. Long lasting, clear and soft color. How to use Roll out lip liner, and apply gently to...

AED 25


HERA / Lip Designer Pencil - 1.2g

Lip Designer Pencil provides rich colors, long-lasting wear, and a creamy texture. High pigment concentration delivers intense, bold color to...

AED 179


CODE GLOKOLOR / L. Silky Lip Pencil - 1.1g

Silky finish: long-lasting semi-matt texture Trendy colors. How to use After opening the cap, spread gently from the inside toward...

AED 78


ARITAUM / Satin Pencil Lip Lacquer - 2.5g

The 3mm super-slip pencil for crisp satin lips. How to use 1. Start in the middle of the upper lip...

AED 62


APERIRE / Bodacious Lip Pencil - 1.4g

Vivid colors ready to steal the spotlight, clear~A different level of vividness Vodacious Matte Lip pencil. How to use Turn...

AED 92


A'PIEU / Color Lip Pencil Satin - 1g

Silky Texture like SATIN. No-Stickiness. Vivid colors. Auto-pencil type. How to use Simply use without turning brittle and writing come...

AED 65


A'PIEU / Color Lip Pencil Matt - 1g

Soft velvety texture gives clean and matt lip express. How to use Simply use without turning brittle and writing come...

AED 65


Holika Holika / Holi Pop Velvet Lip Pencil - 1.7g

Lasts color long with stay coating layer and high dispersion method. Light fit color pigment applies lip thin and fine,...

AED 49


THESAEM / The Ham Lip Pencil - 1g

The lip pencil expresses revitalized lip makeup with soft, light touch. How to use Gently apply on the lips along...

AED 67