G9SKIN / Glow Flash Beam - 40ml

Primer function base required when foundation or cushion is not uniformly applied due to unevenness or pore. How to use...

AED 161


G9SKIN / Water Flash Beam - 40ml

Moisture-rich trehalose ingredients, dry and moisturize quickly. How to use Apply gently with your hand or brush.

AED 161


HERA / Vital Lifting Essential Base - 30ml (SPF15 PA+)

A nutrient enriched makeup base that corrects skin tone and creates a fine complexion for radiant, youthful skin. Serum in...

AED 491


Holika Holika / Aqua Petit Jelly Starter - 40ml

[Holika Holika] Aqua Petit Jelly Starter - 40ml

AED 113


INNISFREE / Mineral Moisture Fitting Base - 40ml

THis make up base, contained with 100% green tea water in lieu of distilled water, replenishes your skin with moisture...

AED 94


IOPE / Super Vital Base Cushion - 14g (SPF34 PA++)

Make-up base cushion with four colors to make skin look brighter How to use - After basic, use it on...

AED 286


URBAN DOLLKISS / Urban City Aquaring Tone Up Cream - 100ml

It moisturizes, but does not oily texture, and expresses the texture of smooth skin. It instantaneously reveals skin tone at...

AED 134


ETUDE HOUSE / Glow On Base - 30ml

The moisture glowing base brightens skin with the natural glowing effect of soft light and moisturizing feel. How to use...

AED 125


ETUDE HOUSE / Sweet Pudding Tone Up Cream - 50ml

-Oil Control The oil-controlling tone-up cream makes skin look clean and bright by controlling excessive sebum with the smooth, matte,...

AED 78


HERA / Magic Starter - 35ml (SPF25 PA++)

Face Filter Effect: Corrects skin tone like turning on the light. Lighting Powder make skin tone look brighter. Makeup Boosting...

AED 420


Holika Holika / Face 2 Change Volume Fit Strobing Cream - 35ml (SPF30 PA++)

Makes skin look hydro-radiant with radiance base as if a camera flash shone on the face. How to use Use...

AED 151


Holika Holika / Holi Pop Correcting Bar - 4g

Holi Pop Correcting Bar corrects facial flaws and accentuates the attractive points of the face. -Apricot Corrects the blue tone...

AED 49


Hope Girl / Magic Skin Makeup Base - 35g

Gives originally bright skin with natural enhancement. Soft moisture base light, clean fresh skin express. How to use Use right...

AED 214


IOPE / Perfect Skin Base - 35ml

1. Optimal Skin Tone Micro-Glam Powder particles perfect a radiant complexion and even out skin tone. 2. Makeup Base for...

AED 304


LANEIGE / Water Glow Base Corrector - 35ml (SPF41 PA++)

[Color correcting – makeup base to have maturely brighten skin tone] Baby's skin looks clear and radiant because it has...

AED 297


Mamonde / Color Tone Up Base - 30ml (SPF35 PA++)

Make up base to correct skin blemish for bright tone up for higher makeup absorption. How to use Use finger...

AED 156


Mamonde / Instant Base - 40ml (SPF26 PA++)

The makeup base corrects the skin tone, making it revitalized and bright without leaving any sticky feeling behind. How to...

AED 94


Sulwhasoo / Makeup Balancer - 35ml (SPF25 PA++)

The third generation makeup base that balances skin irregularities during the early stages of aging. The power of skin balancing....

AED 536


THE WHOO / Gongjinhyang Mi Essential Primer Base - 40ml

Gongjinhyang: Mi Essential Base contains ingredients like Hong-ok Baeksan and Seng-gi and jewelry ingredients, keeps your skin hydrated, and helps...

AED 429


THESAEM / Saemmul Pongdang Jell Base - 25g

The new concept moisture base is formulated with 70% or more moisture. The makeup base corrects the skin tone, making...

AED 65


TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL / Artclass Studio De Teint Corrector - 30ml (SPF30 PA++)

Corrective primer accentuates the light of your skin and reduces uneven texture to create a perfect canvas. How to use...

AED 209


VT / Cushion Base - 13g

Before base makeup, smooth and bright skin Contains camellia flower to moisturize the skin How to use After basic skincare,...

AED 142


INNISFREE / Mineral Make Up Base - 40ml No.01 Peach

[INNISFREE] Mineral Make Up Base - 40ml No.01 Peach

AED 94


Mamonde / Aqua Glow Ball Base - 50ml

A makeup base that gives radiant skin that is well hydrated. How to use 1. makeup face first step Please...

AED 180


Secret Key / Snow White Color Tone Up Cream - 30ml

Real Tone Up! [MINT] An oil-controlling mint color cream with a smooth and refreshing formula that controls sebum and brightens...

AED 74