LANEIGE / BB Cushion Anti Aging - 1pack (15g+Refill 15g)


AED 312
11 Porcelain
11C Cool Porcelain
13 Ivory
13C Cool Ivory
21 Beige
21C Cool Beige
23 Sand
AED 312
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Cover-fit Complex offers perfectly fit coverage that becomes more resilient with each pat! “Anti-aging BB Cushion” expresses baby face with smooth, tight skin! With blemishes and fine lines, my skin looks 10 years older than my real age! The more I pat, the better Anti-aging BB Cushion covers imperfections and fine lines on skin and makes skin resilient. 1. With each pat, resilient and perfectly fit coverage is expressed: Cover-fit Complex™ The flat-type particles of Cover-fit Complex are trapped between networks of tight elastomers, so the more the complex is patted on skin, the more layers of elasticity there are that perfectly cover blemishes on skin, since the formula effectively covers up micro-fine bumps and fine wrinkles, making skin look smoother and more resilient.
2. For resilient skincare: Dynamic Collagen_EX Formulated with Dynamic Collagen_EX, Laneige's Time Freeze line makes skin resilient, smooth, and elastic.
3. Never-Excessive, Subtly Elegant Glow Optical oil that boldly refracts light gets broken down into fine particles to reflect light evenly and in fixed directions while maintaining a luxurious glow for many hours as if coming from within. - Neutral and Cool in 8 Colors Customized color makeup enhances my attractiveness even more! Try alluring makeup that will brighten your skin tone with renewed Laneige BB Cushion. Step. 1 : Is my skin Neutral Tone? Or Cool Tone? First try the color test. Diagnose your skin tone through a preference test and personal color test diagnosis. Step. 2 : Select a BB Cushion color that suits your skin. *If your skin is neutral tone? A key to looking attractive lies in looking warm and healthy. Naturally improve your skin tone with BB cushion Neutral Tone Color! *If your skin is cool tone? A key to looking attractive lies in looking pure and clear. Brighten your skin tone with BB cushion Cool Tone Color! Step. 3 : Express color makeup that revives your skin tone.

How to use

1. Take content with a puff, apply on the face in the direction of skin texture in a gentle sweeping motion, and gently pat to make the application adhere to skin. To increase coverage, apply once more.
2. If the content no longer comes out after firmly pressing the cushion with fingers, it indicates the content is used up; replace it with a refill.


-11 Porcelain
-11C Cool Porcelain
-13 Ivory
-13C Cool Ivory
-21 Beige
-21C Cool Beige
-23 Sand
-23C Cool Sand