LANEIGE / Brush Pact


AED 234
AED 234
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This is a soft sensation pact which is assembled with brush.No1. Natural finishing : makes the skin silky.No
2. Pore Blur : makes the skin all day long.No
3. Pink beam : makes the skin edge & bright.

How to use

- No1. Natural finishing1) spots which has no sheen & don't look silky2) spot to spread : Triangle Zone3) How to use brush : Spread it softly like rolling with usingwrist snap from forehead, cheeks, to the chin.tip : spots which have too much sebum can look oily whenspreading too much.So spread it with small amount.- No
2. Pore Blur1) spots which looks too oily & looks pore obviously2) spot to spread : Plus Zone3) How to use brush : Spread it softly like zig zag with a brushwith no pilling.Tip : If you spread brush pact under bang hair when yourforehead bang looks oily due to too much sebum, it canprevent from looking oily.- No
3. Pink Beam1) spots which looks too dull & bland without 3 dimension2) spot to spread : diamond zone3) How to use brush : Spread it softly like being slicky with abrush from the end of eyes to the mouth spot.Tip : If you spread it too much, the border line of makeup lookstoo obvious. So spread it with small amount.


-1 Natural Finishing
-2 Pore Blur
-3 Pink Beam