PERIPERA / Peri's Ink Velvet - 8g


AED 60
02 So Grapefruit
03 Inkrush Orange
04 Wow Pink
05 Inktude Rose
09 Love Sniper Red
10 Ooops Fuchsia
11 Spring Orange
13 Charming Coral
14 Beauty Peak Rose
AED 60
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Dive into the long-wearing lip color with INK LASTING. It's lacquer-like finish without feeling tacky or drying, creamy velvety texture.

How to use

1. Apply directly to lips. Start in the center of lips and smooth outwards toward corners of mouth. (Tip!! For best result, Do Not touch for 5mins after applying.)
2. For gradation effect, tone-down with concealer or foundation. Gently dap the center of lips. and blend well with a fingertip.


-01 Sellout Red
-02 So Grapefruit
-03 Inkrush Orange
-04 Wow Pink
-05 Inktude Rose
-06 Celeb Deep Rose
-07 Dollish Beige Rose
-08 Pretty Coral
-09 Love Sniper Red
-10 Ooops Fuchsia
-11 Spring Orange
-12 Pure Peach
-13 Charming Coral
-14 Beauty Peak Rose
-15 Girlish Red