VT / Essence Skin Foundation Pact Mini - 7g (SPF50+ PA+++)


AED 120
AED 120
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VT Essence Skin Foundation Pact mini counterpart with diameter
2.5" has an adorably cute macaron-like packaging! With the now petite size MINI Essence Skin Foundation, you can fit it into any size of bags, bringing it anywhere anytime. It is an ultra-lightweight Essence pact that provides light yet extensive coverage to your skin. It also provides 4 difference functions from whitening, wrinkle care, interception of UV rays up with SPF 50 and PA+++ as well as moisturising.

How to use

1. After foundation make-up, take the contents of the foundation in an appropriate amount of puff and spread it over the foundation.
2. You can keep your skin moist and moisturized for a long time.
3. How to replace the refill pack: with the lid of the outer case fully, push the bottom of the container up back to the top. Remove the contents after removing
4. the unit, and then attach the new refill pack to the groove.