NADA / The Water Bomb - 50g

A soothing water balm with the texture of sherbet that calms skin and provides superior hydration. How to use Spread...

AED 121


NADA / The Toner - 200ml

-Blue A Toner containing Defensil Plus moisturizes and soothes dry and sensitive skin. It is a two-phase type of oil...

AED 50


NADA / The Spot Gel - 15ml

This spot gel containing Salicylic Acid and Panthenol effectively soothes and controls skin problems. How to use Take a suitable...

AED 80


NADA / The Sheet Mask - 1pack (5pcs)

-Blue Containing Aloe Vera extract with excellent moisturizing resistance for rough skin by dryness, it helps to strengthen the skin...

AED 100


NADA / The Serum - 30ml

Concentrated moisturizing serum that deeply deeply hydrates for the calming and soothing your skin needs. How to use After cleansing,...

AED 114


NADA / The Handmade Soap - 100g

This Handmade Soap is a gentle formula that effectively removes daily makeup and point makeup. After cleansing, your skin will...

AED 87


NADA / The Bubble Cleanser - 150ml

It rich foam gently removes excessive sebum and dead skin cell while AHA Fruits complex and Salicylic Acid help relieve...

AED 94