NEOGEN / Code9 Gold Black Caviar Essence&Tox Tightening Pack - 1pack


AED 566
AED 566
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Feel a gold rush in your skin as you pamper yourself with the benefits of gold! A premium 9-in-1 mask pad provides professional skin care results with at-home convenience: Anti-aging, Lifting, Boosting Elasticity, Improving Skin tone, Improving Skin Texture, Detoxifying, Proven 50hour Lasting Moisturizing, Nourishing, Glowing. 1pack (250ml+25pcs)

How to use

Use once a day in the morning or evening. 1. When you are ready to use, pour the essence into the container of triple-layer pads until they are fully submerged. * For increased effectiveness, refrigerate up to nine hours.
2. Use the tweezers to remove pads from container. Slip your fingers into pad pocket and use the threaded side to gently wipe off dead skin and exfoliate.
3. After you finish exfoliating using the threaded side, use the embossed side to wipe over the exfoliated areas again using a wiping motion starting from inner to outwards for further essence absorption.
4. When done, discard the pads and gently pat down all leftover essence formula until it is fully absorbed. * You can store the remaining soaked pads in room temperature or in the refrigerator if you prefer an additional cooling effect during use.