HERA / Oil Serum Magic Formula - 40ml


AED 759
AED 759
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An enchanting deep hydration serum that combines all the virtues of oil and serum to deliver a fresh and magical moistful finish. Serum and oil mixed at the magical ratio of 6:4 It contains up to 42% extra fine textured ylang ylang blending oil effective in moisturizing and anti aging and offers deep hydration with a fresh finish. 3 phased transforming texture, gel →water →oil. Its original texture is fresh gel, but turns into water and again into oil to help the skin absorb fast. It works especially great with Cushion products for natural and glowing skin makeup. Magical moisturizing & firming effects with fresh finish. Cell Bio Moist technology delivers natural nourishing oil deep into the skin and moisturizes it from within, while ensuring a remarkable improvement in skin firmness, radiance and reduction of wrinkles.

How to use

Apply all over the face in the serum (essence) step of your skincare routine in morning and at night, and cover the face with your hands to help the skin absorb.