IOPE / Golden Glow Oil Mist - 110ml


AED 300
AED 300
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Dual-phase moisturizing oil mist shaken to reinforce elasticity and gloss fromenergy of golden plants. - Energy of four precious golden plants (golden plant Extract TM) Fills skin with nutrients and maintains oil-ater balance, making glossy and healthy skin. *Golden Plant Extract TM : Composite of four golden plant extracts including golden oil, golden needle, golden flax and golden root - This dual-phase oil mist shaken before use is absorbed quickly with moist feeling to offer moisturizing power and elasticity. - A moisturizing membrane that contains oil is formed on dry skin, miaintaining moist feling for longer.

How to use

Shake 10 times or more to mix water and oil well, and spray at a distance of 20cm from your face.