VELLA / Neck Patch Prestige Wrinkle Killer - 1pack (5pcs)


AED 326
AED 326
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Anti-Wrinkle functional Cosmetics Neck patch that helps to improve the elasticity and wrinkles of the neck skin where wrinkle easily occurs. Neck patch is a double fabric which prevents contact with air and prevents water evaporation. It has excellent absorbency and persistence. The bee venom, dipeptide aminobutyroyl benzyl amide diacetate ingredient in the neck patch effectively transfers moisturizing and elasticity to dry and tired neck skin.

How to use

1.Remove the neck patch and remove the film.
2.Attach the part where the film is removed (adhesive side) closely to the neck area.
3.Remove it after about 30 minutes to absorb enough to the skin.