Body & Hair

Primera / Free & Free Tissue - 10Pack (60pcs)

An exclusive oil capture pact and ink ink duo set for a mattified face and pigmented lip.How to use [Oil...

AED 23


Primera / Soothing Sensitive Essence - 50ml

Extract fresh and vitality from various fruits.Show off your lively lips colored with a fruit juice.Long lasting without stickiness.How to...

AED 352


Primera / Soothing Sensitive Concentrate - 1Pack (10ml x 4pcs)

Peripera Peri's Tint Water is a lightweight juice-inspired lip stain that covers lips with a single swipe of the included...

AED 251

Body & Hair

Primera / Mango Butter Comforting Body Lotion - 380ml

Ink feeling, strong & Long Lasting color Waterproof No stain & Long Lasting Color How to use Apply appropriate amount...

AED 402

Body & Hair

Primera / Black Seed Scalp Relief Treatment - 200ml

PERIPERA Milk Wash Cleansing Foam is a moist and hypoallergenic cleansing foam that mildly and completely cleanse skin with pure...

AED 235