Primera / 10 Seeds Nutri Modeling Mask - 1pack (2uses)


AED 161
AED 161
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▶ Oil Essence (Solution 1): The oil essence extracted from 10 natural plant seeds and fruit sooths sensitive skin and supplies nourishment more deeply for healthy radiance. ▶ Moisture Ampoule (Solution 2): The moisture ampoule containing birch-based xylitol and wheat-based glucose replenishes and retains moisture for much softer and smoother skin.

How to use

STEP 1 Open the Oil Essence (Solution 1) and Moisture Ampoule (Solution 2) to pour into the included cup. STEP 2 Quickly mix the two solutions with a spatula for 30 seconds until completely mixed and evenly smooth over face, avoiding the eye are. ※ (Note) Apply as quickly possible as the mask begins to harden in about 5 minutes. STEP 3 Let it harden for 20~30 minutes and gently remove the hard mask from bottom up. STEP 4 Gently pat the remaining solution on the face for penetration.