Primera / Skin Relief Daily Sun Cushion - 15g (SPF33 PA++)


AED 223
AED 223
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A mild sun cushion with 100% mineral filter that protects sensitive skin from UV rays and external aggressors. A cushion-type UV protector is easy to use. A mild sun cushion formulated with inorganic UV protectors to protect sensitive skin from UV rays and external aggressors. Contains silica powder for thorough penetration for a matte finish without excess shine and natural skin tone correction with vitality. Contains germinated sunflower sprout extracts to fortify skin resistance and protect skin from external aggressors. Germinated black seed extracts supply moisture to skin when it has been tired by UV rays for soothing, while the antioxidants in germinated black bean extracts protect skin from external stressors. A 5-FREE formula (free of tar colorants, talc, artificial fragrance, mineral oil, and animal ingredients).

How to use

1. Press the sponge with a puff to apply the content and pat onto face. Gently apply more as often as needed.
2. Always recap after use for storage. If the cap is kept open, the hydrators and other contents beneficial to the skin may evaporate, causing the contents to contract. * How to Replace Refills Close the product completely and flip to press the back of container using both hands and easily pop out the container.