Primera / Soothing Sensitive Set - 1pack (5item)


AED 429
AED 429
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[Soothing Sensitive Water] Enriched with Betula Alba extract that brightens skin tone and leaves your skin healthy, and amino acid to hydrate irritated or dry skin; infused with 9
8.39% of natural ingredients [Soothing Sensitive Essence] EnSunflower oil containing Linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid which is benefit to skin, helps maintain oil-moisture balance; infused with 9
9.05% of natural ingredients Soothin Sensitive Water - 100ml Soothin Sensitive Essence - 50ml Soothin Sensitive Water - 15ml Soothin Sensitive Essence - 50ml Soothin Sensitive Cream - 5ml

How to use

Dispense a moderate amount and apply to the entire face. Gently pat for better .absorption.