Shionle / Vita Cica Wash Free Cleansing Water - 310ml


AED 117
AED 117
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Mild ingredients in this product will wash up your make up and make you feel your skin softened and moisturized without feeling dryness. OK on the sensitive skin with weak acid formula that contains centella asiatica extract and vitamin tree fruit extract. Fresh cleansing water without slippery oilness after cleansing.

How to use

1. Please moisten the cleansing water thoroughly on the Fape Cotton Wipe.
2. Wipe the inside out along the skin texture. Gently wipe away the wastes until it dose not on the cotton wipe.
3. Hands lightly tap to absorb. After use, finish with skin care without extra cleansing. (Rinse with warm water according to your preference.)