Sulwhasoo / Harmonizen Regenerating Cream EX - 60ml


AED 5,803
AED 5,803
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Give your skin glorious beauty with the essence of luxurious anti-aging * Technology for healthy looking skin Harmonizen Regenerating Cream EX helps skin look and feel healthier using Dermosul technology, Salvia miltiorrhiza and Red Ginseng components. Dermosul helps care for skin while the white ginseng components conveys a bright tone by caring for skin dullness. [ Brightening cosmetics, Wrinkle correcting cosmetics] * Rich and firm texture that leaves an adhering finish Melting smoothly on contact, the rich and firm texture absorbs evenly through the skin. The cream is exceptionally nutritious, adhering to your skin's natural curves to leave it feeling soft. Complete with six natural Korean herbal scents -Mugwort, pine, clove, Frankincense, white sandal wood, Agastache rugosa- to present the skin with and serenity. * Obsidian spatula made with care and dedication Carefully selected obsidians are masterfully carved with a seed as its design motif, symbolizing vitality and the source of life. This bespoke applicator befits the glorious elegance of the cream it is designed to apply.

How to use

Use day and night. Apply a moderate amount and spread evenly across your face.