THESAEM / Pure Natural Mask Sheet - 1pcs

-Snail Brightening : This mask sheet makes the skin look clear and bright with the ingredients of snail secretion filtrate...



THESAEM / Care Plus Baobab Collagen Cream - 100ml

This moisturizing elasticity cream is formulated with baobab tree extracts and collagen extracts. How to use At the last step...

AED 36


THESAEM / Iceland Hydrating Eye Stick - 7g

The ice stick moisturizes and refreshes skin around the eyes with its ingredients of iceland mineral water. How to use...

AED 54

Body & Hair

THESAEM / Nail Wear Remover - 100ml (In Stock)

The nail polish remover removers polish without harming the nails. The ingredients of rose extract and vitamin E provide nourishment...

AED 10

Body & Hair

THESAEM / Body & Soul Body Scrub - 200ml

-Love Hawaii Smooth daily foaming body scrub with a blend of natural apricot seed and grape seed. -Sweet Thai Soft...

AED 47

Body & Hair

THESAEM / Care Plus Body Peeling Spray - 300ml

The body peeling spray absorbs impurities and removes stubborn dead skin cells with charcoal extract, for clean, smooth skin. How...

AED 60