TONYMOLY / Master Lab Mask Sheet - 1pcs


AED 16
Ceramide (Moisturizing)
Caviar (Nutrition)
Centella Asiatica (Skin Soothing)
Collagen (Elasticity)
EGF (Intensive Wrinkle Care)
Hyaluronic Acid (Hydrating)
Snail Mucin (Skin Damage Care)
Vitamin C (Brightening)
AED 16
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-Snail Mucin (Skin Damage Care) This master lab mask cares skin damage. Problem: Rough skin caused by dryness. Effects: Boosts radiance by taking care of damaged skin. Solution: Snail Mucin / Skin-Fit sheet.
-Vitamin C (Brightening) This master lab mask brightens skin. Problem: Dull skin. Effects: Brightens the skin with Vitamin C. Sloution: Vitamin C / Skin-fit sheet.
-Centella Asiatica (Skin Soothing) This master lab mask instantly soothes skin. Problem: Sensitive skin caused by extemal stress. Effects: Soothes and comforts rough and sensitive skin. Sloution: Centella Asiatica / Skin-fit sheet.
-EGF (Intensive Wrinkle Care) This master lab mask firms up skin. Problem: Skin with fine and heavy wrinkles. Effects: Vitalizes and smoothes the skin with Ademosine. Sloution: EGF / Skin-fit sheet
-Caviar (Nutrition) This master lab mask provides rich nourishment to skin. Problem: Lifeless skin due to low nutrition. Effects: Vitalizes the skin by delivering rich nourishment with caviar. Sloution: Caviar / Skin-fit sheet
-Collagen (Elasticity) This master lab mask firms up skin. Problem: Sagging skin due to lacking elasticity. Effects: Makes the skin elastic with Collagen. Sloution: Collagen / Skin-fit sheet

How to use

Tear open and apply to face. Leave on for 10-20 minutes and then remove.


-Ceramide (Moisturizing)
-Hyaluronic Acid (Hydrating)
-Snail Mucin (Skin Damage Care)
-Vitamin C (Brightening)
-Centella Asiatica (Skin Soothing)
-EGF (Intensive Wrinkle Care)
-Caviar (Nutrition)
-Collagen (Elasticity)